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Unite Designs


Once upon a time … No, don’t worry, we won’t tell you a novel, we just want to quickly introduce you to the story and the people behind Unite Designs.

We, Alex and Mike – the founders of Unite Designs – have always been passionate about extreme sports and motorsports – whether two or four wheels, whether with or without engine. Whether downhill, mountain bike, motocross, tuned cars or racing cars – what UNITEs us, is our passion for extreme- and motorsports. We spent days out on race tracks and at various motorsports events, talking about the latest styles and designs, the coolest decals, the latest equipment and trends in motorsports.

Soon the idea was born to found our own company. As convinced motocross riders, mountainbikers and owners of tuned cars, we know what really matters, what the motocross- and bike scene wants. In line with our motto “think, design, print”/”all customized everything”, we create and produce tailor-made decals for your bikes and helmets. In addition, we offer the appropriate clothing and equipment – jerseys, team kits, etc., so you can concentrate on the essentials: the driving pleasure!

Find HERE what other services we offer apart from decals and clothing. Keep riding! Alex & Mike